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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

touCh me / toUCh me not

Someone recently just spark my interest in occult or otherwise referred as ‘hidden wisdom’. We’re talking about supernatural thing when she mentioned Wicca. I remembered mentioning the term in my blog sometime back during my attachment period when I’d nothing better to do and done some read up on it over the net.

People usually associate the term with witchcraft/evil/Satanism and stuffs, a major stereotype. I’m not into this kind of New Age thing, but will just read it up to satisfy my curiosity. Those little spell that evolve round imagination, like imagine water washing away those ‘evil/sad thoughts’ as you having a bath or something is pretty psychological kind of thing and is ‘touchable’. Those revolved round tools, drawing of circle; chatting to me is a touch-me-not art, so yea. . . But who knows, when one is drive into 1 corner, they might just turn to this kind of divinity for aids. All things doesn’t come free, there is always an equal trade in, you gain something; you’ll lose something. Perhaps the 3-fold thing is there to restrict people from touching the not-to-touch things, but is always safer to believe; there ate always rules to follow

Anyway, I totally agree with 1 of their ‘teaching’, about the concern for the environment like aboriginal-based religions. Quotes ‘They strongly respect and care for the earth itself, and all of its species of animals and plants. They feel closely tuned to the cycles of nature and to the earth itself. They reject the concept, mentioned in Genesis 1:28, that mankind is to subdue the earth and to dominate all of its living creatures. They feel that humans should live in cooperation with other species and with the universe.’

It weird but sometime when I pass by this park, the tree with its bark tainted black from the car exhaust; I will unknowingly felt sorry for them. . . @___@

Takre care
桜 & 恋

wanted to jog this morning, but it rain la! so decide to walk up stairs instead (a 3mins plus exercise from 1st to 23rd stories), zzzz then perhaps jog latta the evening. . .

wa!!!!!!!! my physical fitness drop like mad la

3++ km run from 18mins(i think) to 22mins
pull up from 9 drop to 6
sit up don need mentioned, 20 shag laio




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