桜 & 恋

Friday, June 27, 2008

fUN, FuN, fuN

outside the K_room

Group photo-frm left: those 2 buddies, Xueyun & Eileen, with calvin half-asleep!!

So yesterday was my first time in karaoke! The talk-a lot me quickly becomes a squeaky mouse once inside the K-room. I can’t even hold a mic properly for goodness sake; my hands were obviously shaking too. It wasn’t until the last 15mins (of the 5hrs we spend inside) that I got comfortable and finished singing 1 song. The rest either sing good or exceptionally well, with me croaking in the midst of ambiance surrounding, perhaps I just need to pump in more confidence in it. Overall, still enjoyable la, I was expecting the 5hrs to drag for ages, luckily it turns out otherwise! =]

Dinner was at this Korean restaurant, in some wu-lu-lu parts of Chinatown. It was totally pack la; and the food + services are obviously good at affordable price!

The free-flow side dishes! with the potato & long beans being my fav (they are just side by side!!!)

while waiting for the main dishes. . .some photo taking- those 2 opposite of us just dont wana take photos; i tried snapping on them unknowingly, but failed @__@

the the food came!

MY B4 & after squid-bim bin ba (is this how u spell?)

finally a grp photo-well done!

Then we begun to tour round the night-market at Chinatown; we knew we were walking in circle cux we kept seeing the same signboard like ‘Saga Street’; ‘Temple Street’ @___@
And finallyyyyyyyyyyyyy……………….. We anchored ourselves at Mac and talk through the hours, with me showing them the coffee + Macflurry (as always the response was Yewwwwwwww)

Takre care
桜 & 恋
I do enjoy myself that night =] thinking of buying a Mic to practice at home, LOL!

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