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Monday, June 30, 2008

LiST of BUdgeTEd stuFFS and other random stuffs

So in exactly 10 more days I’ll be going to a place where all boys become men! I’d got myself a list of budgeted must-have items for army; as I thought I wouldn’t need them in 18 months times . . . so far I got
1) Back-nerdy-think-spec @ $80
2) Casio electronic black watch @$30
3) CITIZEN Quartz clock @$8
4) Discounted brief/ shampoo/ some wet tissue for removal of camouflage paint/ all bought at Expo sales (I was there working so why not?)
And other random stuff; anything else I need?

How I’m going to spend my last week? I thought of swimming, cycling at ubin, some running to start those engines going (if not inertia will be darn big when I get in there). Just yesterday I visited a sensei for my back injury, who twisted my back/arm like nobody business, so yea arm-related exercise out, so I’m left with jogging. I wan my swim la, this few days weather so darn good!

Then I thought of zoo, Escape theme park. . . well, we’ll see. . . or jux simply learn my Chinese song

Anyway!!!!!!!!! I broke my own sales record again on my last day, making my end month sales from 3.3k on April to 4.3k on May to 5K on June!!! That adrenaline rush when I busy punching the calculator for my June sale; and when I saw the digit 5 was like so thrill la! I achieve my goal and can leave the company with pride and honor! LOL!

Takre care
桜 & 恋

lets get retro
I For You - Luna Sea
one of the best band at their time!



  • Hmm... Time sure flies eh, kai-kun? You might want to get some snake brand powder, oh and not to forget toothbrush and toothpaste lol let's see... a radio with earphones? Prob a book too...

    By Anonymous day by day..., At 11:53 PM  

  • O_o snake powder. . . toothpaste i got it but forgotten bout the toothbrush. . .. radio hMMMM. . ..i may ned one,LOL

    By Blogger kai/kaispiral, At 10:10 AM  

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