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Friday, August 08, 2008

anotehr of those BOOK out day

Woooooooooooot! This week had been Very happening! First I finally passed my IPPT, with my pull up need to increased 7 to 8 & SBJ increased another 5cm to obtain a sliver. I’d totally no idea how I ran a timing of 10.25mins for my 2.4km la, first time to reach <11mins!

After which was the tiring SIT-TEST! Which bring forth, 3 days w/o shitting, w/o brushing of teeth, having combat ration (imagine some curry pasta packed in a green pack and ready to be eaten once you unzipped it), blisters all over my feet, aching all over! Blah, no more complaints as next week will be another 6 days of field camp!
Sit-test commenced with a 8km road march; full battle order (vest+ rifle+ field pack), it took us like hours before we reached our camp site. First thing we did, was stripped till left with our undies and had what we called powder-bath (literally powder all over, from face to feet) in front of the sergeants and had them inspected before we put on our clothing. Yea it sounded humiliating but the experience was fun la! LOL! Our first night was sleeping in a open field under a ground sheet, and I kena some uneven platform that I just cant rest through the night. ZZZZZ

2nd day followed with a 4km fast march (this was the really tiring and demanding one, you’d had to walk darn fast w/0 running, trust me walking fast is more tiring then running, I would rather had full battle order and had a 8km road march). Right immediately was our sit-test, where we are split into details given mission to accomplish as a group. Kang-chiong spider like me crubra some mission when I was assigned as the IC, LOL!! @___@

Yet again, the process was tiring, but once complete it was really ‘AHHH I complete it!’ with a smile =]

Had another 12km.16k,24km road march, field camp, final IPPT test, SOC to go before I can start to slack, looking forward for that that! Oh yea, I was in the company drill squad, hopefully the team will win something!
Thank Melvin for your advice for the sit-test and your prayer & uncle for your encouragement too!

takre care
桜 & 恋
yet to collect my last month commission adn buy YUI's single @__@

did i mentioned i had an abrasion with pus on my hip? cux my pants was like fasten tight, then loosed then walked alot then run against alot then abrasion lor, zzzz, so wear your belt!

oh yea and it rain during the camp, the experience was totally cool la! but backache there after as i was lying down with a wet clothing from my own sweat. once outfield you only vist the toilet 2 times per day, most of the water will lost via sweating

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  • When you put your heart and mind into it, you'll realise your body's full potential, kai-kun... That RT was deterrent enough, I see, to instill the will and desire to bring out your potential... lol... therein lies the difference in our abilities, i guess...

    By Anonymous aspartame kills!, At 2:33 AM  

  • O______________________________O

    By Blogger kai/kaispiral, At 4:12 PM  

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