桜 & 恋

Sunday, March 30, 2008


So today MOS is FOC that I decided to join a group of friends to take a look. It was bout 10++ and it seems empty~ I was told that it’s early now, and the real party starts from 2am.

I was totally out of place la! My whole body was so stiff like chicken with so many groofy going on around me. All sought of ppls over there, the groofy dudes, the sizzling girls, the office man and I even saw one guy with those thick black specs top with right-sided-parting too~ so dance dance dance (more like just tapping of feet for me) then it struck 1145 and I just thought of home~ guess what? I can’t find the exit! Zzzzz, I had to ask for direction out, so sua- ku la! I missed the last train (remind me of YUI's last train, e song airing now) but was lucky enough to find a bus back home =/. was thanking God like mad if not i be stranded, lol

i was like Ahhhhhhhm home finally and gulping down like 600ml of water after those drink. . .

I guess drinking in kopitiam (la kopi), or chilling in like of starbucks/coffee beans suit me better~

Takre care

桜 & 恋

i was told that there will be a role-playing before the actual day as a sale promoter of all products - kawaii tokyo. zzz

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