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Friday, March 02, 2007


What had I been doing for the past 2 days of post exam period?
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1) Dota- school pals either not free or don’t want play, hence I had to log in to LAN CRAFT and deals with those pros out there, and kena whack butts like 5 times, still counting on.

2) Logging on to youtube, watch ZONE,YUI, MICHELLE BRANCH,YOUHNA performances, MV etc, and post comments. Man I posted so much so that the administrator only permits me to post my comments sprees after a certain span!(I download some too, sheeeze!)

3) Continue my spree of music downloading, ask me via msn if you wana know the link.

4) Jumping from BLOG to BLOG through links here and there, posting comments here and there too, especially on

5) Singing with sis, planning to made our own video @__@(recalled during sec school days, when I kept singing in class, then the 1 sitting beside me, John,bush bush will like there you go again and cover their ears, now that when I record my voice, and played it, yup it suck, but sis say when she listen to my non-record version, sound much better, O_O), improving.

6) Learning guitar, perhaps signing out a course, because I going nowhere when I learn myself. T_T||||

7) Visit some of my favorite artist’s fan site, fan blog etc.

(try to make it 10)

8) Watching this anime, telecasted on kids central @1130, by the title ‘Rumbling hearts’, think the genre is Seinen, bits of Josei I think, lots of love here, love there. Watched first 2 episodes, pretty crappy, this girl Haruka confessed to this guy Takayuki, scenario planned by Mitsuki ( who eventually like Takayuki). The lover birds immediately had sex in the 2nd episode! Other that that others were all innocent love, thereafter a tragedy strike, of which I gonna continue watching later, when man(or kai) get bored, he watches anything!

9) Lottas rest.

10) And perhaps some exercise soon!

About my exams:
Weeks before the exam, pals had been saying wha kai hot liao lar, fierce liao la, get nearly full mark for 2 quizzes. Well that the point when I decide to focus on my studies, but thereafter receiving the results, kai felt as if he on top of the world and became complacent, thus my final exam results, I should said I had screwed them up and hopefully a Bs for all, that I be more then satisfy!

Pals taking A-level had done pretty well, mel the expected guru scored well, as for john and lion don know yet. John still rushing from Pasir ris when I called him,LOL.

raining season, russell feeling cold and i had carry him and place him on the sofa,he don wana,place him on my laps then he is satisfy(attitude!)

Found some amazing video too by ZONE (notice their transition from their first few albums to their final tour!) and I got emotional again(for some darn crappy reasons, I don’t know of!)

TRUE BLUE MV(btw this music was used for the opening for ASTRO BOY!)nice setting, felt so darn relax!
******************pause the playlist at bottom of the page as usual**********
note:if you dont wana watch the whole things, at least forward to when time left @1.18to 1.03 when each did their individual pose, man i darn sure it melts your heart.MIYU at 1.18 look like YUNA from final fantasy! MAKIO @ 1.11, with her bunny teeth, so cute!

ZONE - true blue

now the transition, at their final tour
Zone- True Blue [Final Live- Subbed]

full of life as usual


take care
kai~ ='


  • Hooo... so you're watching 'Rumbling Hearts'? lol i'm surprised they'd show such a mature anime on kids central... The japanese title's so much better though... 'Kimi ga nozomu no Eien', ie. 'The eternity you desire'. Really emotionally driven show... though the ending sucks bad.

    By Anonymous 運命, At 8:45 AM  

  • tt what i thought so- so many sex scenes, or put it nicer, intimate scene LOL!

    emotional-driven? O_O, so far the impression left me was love here love there . . . . . . . .-)=>

    By Blogger kai, At 12:31 PM  

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