桜 & 恋

Saturday, December 26, 2009

looking back

I was looking on my blog archive . . . wondering how’d i been spending my Christmas and Eve . . .

2006; watched midnight sun and got to learn bout singer-song writer cum actress-YUI.3 years had got since then huh? **I’d been blabbering to the guys that since then that eve, we should spend with our special someone; Christmas day with family and friends** it still the same now . . .

2007; with my sec pals again! I mentioned “It kind of PATHETIC that the four of us to be surrounded by ZOMG?THRONG of couples.” EMO EMO EMO . .. 2007 was really EMO for me . ..i wonder where i got this quote from “You will never get hurt when you never gave your heart to someone but you’ll never know the joy of sharing your heart with that special someone.” HMMM

2008; with little SIS and KAKIS!

2009: SEND OUT CHRISTMAS CARD ALAS! O’’O eve with some MERRYING & TOASTING . . . Christmas turns indoor again @ John’s place. . . **and i still cont blabbering bout 2006**

Will 2010 finally answer my 2006?

takre care
桜 & 恋

i paint a wonderful picture today; hoping one day it becomes reality . . .

PS: keeping a diary is always good, to refect and look back =d .



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