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Monday, September 28, 2009

everyone needs a superman, and be a superman himself

That was weeks back when I was at Alexandra Hospital going through my fortnightly physiotherapy. I saw this Indian guy, probably a foreigner with an arm bandage taking out his wallet to make payment. I saw 3 little girls, his daughters I presumed, and a family photo, all in heart shape, the moment his wallet was flipped opened.

“$100”, the cashier demanded.

“I don’t have money, mdm”

“$10, do you have $10?”

I walked away without witnessing what next? Didn’t he suppose to be covered by his company? I wondered. Guess many a time we human “take advantage on ignorant people”. . .I just prayed that thing goes well for him.

Anyway . .. .

Just last week, i was down with fever. Those who know me well will know my no-medication policy; someone who is an advocate believer of letting the body to heal itself. That night, my fever went up to 38, i believed. Refusing to take panadol, i went asleep. Obviously, i hadn’t had a good rest. I was tossing round the bed, waking up timely at 1hr interval. The next day chiong work, i was a zombine, fever subsided but almost immediately resurface randomly. So the week was cleared with random headaches throughout the day. I am totally BREAKDOWN!

So I was given 2 days off, i took 1 and rewind myself and came to realize something
“we are human after all, we’ll fall sick and fell down, and rest is needed to go a longer distance”

“forcing a sick body to work is relatively equal to underproductive work”


Takre care
桜 & 恋



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