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Sunday, July 12, 2009

3mins fever?

AHHX, sitting in front of com blogging after a heavy dinner, after a long-skate @ ECP , while anticipating my dad to pluck open durian later!

I’d always thought that those peeps with their hands behind, body arching forward skating down the path zooming pass me are darn cool la! The sound of the wheels, the wind that that skater cut through really vividly implanted in my mind! I dreamed 1 day I will be able to skate like that!

This brings me to go down all the way to ECP (last week) to rent the pair, initially was just accompany my little sis since she wanted to go, but it spurred/awaken the long-forgotten-desire!!

‘I want to master it’!!! I told myself after that day. .. haha =]

I’d read an article somewhere that skating is a “low-impact” sport on the knees, same like cycling, except that it required more effort! Since I’d problem running, and other then swimming, i’d no other alternative for cardio so this further urged me to master the skills. And of course everything comes with a price. . .
I just bought a pair of skate today after a skate at ECP; after many falls when I try to speed (some on butt); and just today got 2 huge blisters on my feet! See below, watery-one @_@

Recalling my day @ECP. . .

Skate from the rental shop to one end, with some weird skating pose but slowly able to skate with body swinging in sync with the skate, in momentum. .. Then there are those bloopers moment when I fell awkwardly, like turn some 360 turn before fall, then those fell with two feet protruding outwards and hit the floor hard on the butt (luckily my butt is tough enough! Is tight one ok, TONE!!)

Then sit down rest then skate back, stop half-way sit down on this chair, enjoying the breeze, listening to the wind, the tide, the sight of man tying their bait amidst the soaring birds and kites with their never-ending tails as backdrop! BEAUTIFUL!!! Cant help but rest both my tired arms on the chair, closing my eyes enjoying the tranquil. Guess it will be perfect if there someone sitting right beside =/

takre care
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  • As tone as your butt might be... no, even worse that it IS toned, it provides rather little cushion for the bone beneath it... so yeah, hence my earlier warning >=[

    And kai-kun, you're such a romanticist... but I can't blame you, I'm one as well too haha

    Jia You!

    By Anonymous Fellow learner of new things, At 9:25 PM  

  • come to think of it, true hor, ahhaha

    puI .. . self-praise


    By Anonymous kai, At 7:07 PM  

  • you learning how to skate arh? bo chio? hahhahaa..

    By Blogger Ruben, At 5:04 AM  

  • ahhaa, next time ask u lor. . ..

    By Anonymous kai, At 8:38 PM  

  • ahhaa, next time ask u lor. . ..

    By Anonymous kai, At 8:38 PM  

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