桜 & 恋

Saturday, July 18, 2009

hope it Last . .

Cont from last night typing. . .

Bump into the bush, and i see all green; luckily able to balance myself before really plunging into the lush.

Yup the first thing when I got back home from camp is prepare the gears for roller blade-ing!!! By the time i reached the park connectors that linked SAJC areas all the way to Bishan, was already 8pm la (tummy already growling). I’d this overly ambitious to blade all the way to Bsihan Park, the route which I once took on 2 wheels. . .

Flashback on those days, when I used to cycle on weekends to East Coast Park (which till now, still so proud of myself able to cycle there from home w/o prior plans, like just whack like that), to Bishan Park (late at night), to Esplanade (late at night too, with ahem observing ‘people’. . . till that day some IDIOT stunt my bicycle. %%@#%^%$ still darn pissed off!

Well as i was saying, when i skate to 1 junction separate by traffic light, upslope, i was like ‘Oh no, maybe not and decide just skate to and fro ba, for now"ZZZ
Somehow, the blading was not nor as smooth as last week; maybe is the new skate, maybe I’m too hungry or most probably too impatient, always want to rush things. ..

And so today i’d only type the tittle ‘Cont from last night typing. . . “


Takre care
桜 & 恋

just catch transformers 2007 this morning, and felt that the Army Ranger Captain William Lennox actually had stole the limelight then Sam Witwicky, a preferred hero then Sam i thought. . .

this baby look cool isnt it?

this song really touch me, bout seperation . ..

Just one last dance - Sarah Conor


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