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Sunday, September 13, 2009


Read last week news about the join-suicide-attempt of a group of boys; of which 2 ended their life sadly. Apparently, the group was influence by this guy who claimed or so he said that “they’d to sacrifice their life as a tribute to be slayer t o save mankind from destruction”.

His intention was sure kind/innocent enough, “to save the mankind”; regrettably no one was there to stop/prevent this strategy. The paper mentioned he came from a Taoist family and his grandma sought of influence him in his thinking (if I’d remembered the news correctly).

Anyway, what I’m trying to drive across here is how child’s minds are so easily influence, if not being manipulated. I remembered back in primary school, I had this friend of mine who also claimed that he can summon some supernatural things to “protect” him, or fire some “fireball” by doing some stance, which is invisible to naked to eye of course. Some of my pals and I were fascinated by it and beginning to believe in it. We even meet up after school and have some “ritual”, of which we sit in circle and chat something. Believe that I possessed the “fireball” power, I even “blast” it at my brother when we had a quarrel or something and saying things like “This will make you suay, or bad luck “He did the same back? I can’t really remember how the practice/ritual ceased though.

In e end the 2 jumped; seeing no slayers being reborn, the rest was reluctance to jump
out the window.

Takre care
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