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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Ugly Singaporean, REally

That was 2 week s ago after a long swim, it’s time for food! We dragged our feet to this coffee shop round novena area and it’s time to haunt for food! We decide to queue up for this prawn noodles. They served really BIG PRAWs and the queue was pretty long (a good sign for good food eh, as hinted by Ah ni). . . Alas as the as the stall drawn near, a man just came to him and said

“I just bought my drink, thanks for looking after the queue”, apparently trying to chap in
“Sir, I don’t know you, less remembering seeing you in front of me”

“Got la, just now remember, I was in front of you”, he managed to snipped in
I was about to raise voice when Ah ni stop me and asked me to ignore him. I took a deep breath and decided not to make a big scene either. She told me “You should have ignored him, like that the rest will stunt and look at him, making him feels guilty. . . “I thought the fact that “I strike a conversation with him make other believe that we knew each other” HAIZ.

He look like a successful business man, educated but what he did is really disgusting LA.

Early this morning; peeps queuing outside SIR building at 0730 (open at 0800) like machiam got some promotion like that. . A man just cut into another man queue ( 2 men behind me); that victim just stand there blurrly . . The same man attempt to cut 2 queues (in front) of me at the info counter; i blasted at him "Sir please queues behind".

This man really once bitten not shy la!

The man behind me said “Sir, you did the right thing!”

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