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Thursday, June 26, 2008

think Twice

I always thought with my sales in this line /why no one come dig me?/ Ops, someone talkng big>?

So last few weeks I was finally headhunted by other brands!! I was approached by this guy in JL selling charcoal and this lady from LabSeries(one of those higher end skincare product) at CP. Well I am going army soon so yea rejected their offers. I only learned later that Labseries lack people that they came find me. Well. . .

Okay, I’d met enough of weird guy and today I just met yet another one in a toilet. . .
I was washing my face when a guy in his 50s opens up a conversation with me . . . then he said

‘Keep in touch’
I was like continue doing my things. . .

‘Come I give you my number’

I plucked out my HP and key in his number reluctantly. . .

I continued doing my things, and he was like encircling round the toilet unwilling to leave. . .

I untie my belt to sought of adjust my pant, when he said

‘You wore boxer, meaning no underwear inside right?’

‘Next time I gonna wear 1 & do drop me a sms yea?’

Before he finally left, he sought of squeeze my arm and left. . . I was freak out la!

I quickly labeled him as sick old man, but when I recalled the conversation we had, I remembered him saying that his sons are all grown out and were all leaving him. Then I came to realized that perhaps he’s lonely and need someone to talk to, but by then I’d already deleted his number. Given another chance I doubt I would even had dropped him a sms. . .

Takre care
桜 & 恋
This week will be my last week working.
Hmm how I’m going to spend my next week? Cycling? Then on the 3rd I be tekong! BOTAK!!!! Mirror anyone, there’s a mobile one soon

random song
Karenai Hana - Full Metal Panic!



  • ... You do know that that person was trying to hit on you, do you, kai-kun? :/ What sort of straight, sane person would pay such attention to your boxers or whether you have underwear on or not... Rather worries me, how vulnerable you seem to appear lol >.<

    You won't be entirely bald... lol But make sure to get a proper haircut at least before enlisting... Getting a free haircut on tekong doesn't mean you can go in with long hair... You'll get it from them lol

    By Anonymous kai-kun giving off female pheremones? ~_~, At 11:40 AM  

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