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Thursday, June 19, 2008

random stuffs

My dad was bitten by a stray dog when he tried to defend Happy (his office dog). The first things that came to my mind were rabies, as he had fever and such; but thank God it subsided. It’s pretty ironic for a dog’s lover to be bitten by a dog, yeah? I gave a thought will I do the same thing for Russell? Hmmm?

Anyway. . .
Something lame happened today. I saw this toilet bowl that is 9/10 filled to it brim but still decided to pee on it. Using the jet to create sought of whirlpool that actually manages to ‘push’ the water in. I was like [smart me]. When I was about to left, the bowl automatically gave a flush and puff! IT STARTS TO OVERFLOW, and I was like running out of the cubical like an idiot. Many eyes were on me, thinking WTF with this guy? @____@

Recently there had been this hype on this electronic pop group-PERFUME. Their voices were all computerized, with lots of synthesizer, guitar riffs and those electronic elements you can think of. One thing about their song-ITS DAARN FREKING ADDICTING and may be IRRITATING to some (especially the bridge part) . . . here the song that put them on the chart-Polyrhythm


1 thing for sure, they cant sing an actual live, cux of their computerized vocal.

Takre care
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20 more days to AMRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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