桜 & 恋

Sunday, June 08, 2008


Well some bloopers that happened days ago. . .
I went work on Thurs without wearing my BELT! (For the first time), I’d totally no idea how I would have forgotten buckle up that belt.

Then this lady promoter asked me ‘You be wearing the same long black pant for most of the day’s right?’

‘Than why you bother to remove the whole belt when you reached home, you could have leave the belt on the pants, you don’t have to remove the whole belt to remove the whole pant right?’

‘Yea hor’ (feeling quite embarrassed)

Then she replied ‘Haizzzzzzz…. Guys are always guys’ which totally left me @___________@

Bloopers 2

Yesterday, feeling bored while waiting for bus, I decided to walk backwards, balancing myself with back of heel touching the tip of toe; as I was walking, guess what I bumped onto a person! ZZZZZ, luckily for me is a man if not, some woman may just shout MOLEST!
Talking about yesterday, I witness something funny in the lift. I saw this ah-peh in his 60s putting his hand on his wife’s butt as if to guide her out of the lift; then what comes next was the wife’s hand comes sweeping his hand off. The reluctant hand then once again guide back to her butt; then the door close and I can’t witness what comes next. I only giggle at the scene. . . LOL

Takre care
桜 & 恋
Someone asked me recently, ‘Isn’t it very sad, if you meet someone during work that is worth being friend/more than a friend; and just leave like that without leaving contacts. So is like friends for 3 days then we totally forget about each other.’
I gave it a thought, and think [yea true] but for me am like that, I’m quite passive in bridging up a friendship; I lack the basic initiative in maintaining it; I’m always on the receiving end. Is like you don’t ask I can’t be bother, I don’t know how to treasure . . . just yesterday another of that event happen. . . well @____@

Akane by dear Miyu Nagase (ex-ZONE member).
Her ballad is always heart-felt, sip right deep into your heart!

Akane - Nagase Miyu

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  • Haizz.... Kai-kun giving guys a bad name again... ;o

    You should've played the hero! Saved the poor auntie from the sicko of a husband... and you and your antics... lol

    And that is so damned true... You're really like some black hole or something... keep on taking and taking and taking and taking... But never giving anything back :/

    By Anonymous If only a brick wall can feel..., At 3:34 PM  

  • guess someone had to do [reverse polarity]- think magnataur

    By Blogger kai/kaispiral, At 11:33 PM  

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