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Tuesday, June 03, 2008


2 fellow dudes are heading for NS soon, that a farewell party was thrown @ BaliThai in the heart of that don-know-called-what fountain.

Warning: don’t even order a sour drink like calamari at Thai Restaurant, cux Thai food is already characterized by being hot & sour, with the sourness of calamari; you will only get stomach stir like me (too acidic!). I was like aching throughout the journey when the group decided to head from Suntec to Esplanade to Clark Quay. ZZZZZZz. Then we landed ourselves in this little bar ‘Eskimo’ (I think).

Was reluctant to order a drink; my tummy was still stirring, but in the end still order a ‘Screwdriver’ that taste literally like a bitter orange juice. Interestingly it didn’t worsen the stir in the tummy BUT a stir in the head that I decide ‘OK Kaijie it’s times to get home’ [I can actually feel the heat rising from the neck too, poor drinker =/]. I guess another cup is enough to make me go bonkers, LO!!!
So I head straight to 7-11 to buy this ‘O-long tea’ as a meant to counter the alcohol I’d consumed not long ago… it helps

Look @ the spread of THaiFood!!!

@ The BAr

[all pics 'cope' from hua's blog]

Take care
桜 & 恋

YUI's latest single SUMMER SONG [her 13th] out soon!!!!!

[limited edition ver.]

[regular ver.]

usually i dont spend $$ on single, but this single look so cool la, maybe i might just buy it!

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  • hahax i wonder if u'll notice this comment? or is it that when ppl comment u'll get an e-mail alert? hehehx i can't quite rmb since i disabled the comment ability yea! hehex...

    oh i wanted to hightlight that i think the drink is calamansi not calamari! unless thai have a diff view abt things. cos calamari is fried squid rings! hahax but calamansi is lime juice! hahax so natural for the sour punch! hahax... n woaH! i've nt even been to a bar like that to drink la! poor me! hehehx maybe we F4 ought to go once n open our eyes yea! hahx or am i the last surviving frog (in the well)

    By Anonymous lion, At 11:06 AM  

  • nope i ddint receive any mail alert, but i happen to scroll down my page and SAW u!!

    k, u just corrected me if nt ppl might thought that there this squid juice in the market! lol

    yup someday we'll go =]

    By Blogger kai/kaispiral, At 11:28 AM  

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