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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Tons of peeps had questioned me: ‘What’s up with the craze over J-pop?’

I guessed it all started when Mel send me his [chunk of anime-theme-songs collection] and introduce me into anime~ On my part, I always like to be different, that I just listen to it, without understanding. Interestingly I just grew fond on the language (lazy to learn that is). It comes to a stage that I start to dislike English/Chinese songs, except songs by MLTR and some oldies; Chinese wise only some of those songs~

So it started with anime-songs then it brings me to love individual artist like YUI, appreciating band like DAI (disbanded), ZONE (disbanded), Garnet Crow and Kobukuro. Not forgetting those underrated artists like Oku Hanako and the 90s-ZARD! There are those whom I like initially but just for that period~ But 1 thing for sure singer-songwriter YUI will be in my fav list for the longest time to come!

Recently I starting to appreciate techo-pop-rock-electronic singer Tamaki Nami for her groovy dance steps, and her belief to not to lip sync while singing and dancing at the same time (that not easy!) She’s better known for her collaboration with anime like Gundam and stuffs. Being hot and cute is another plus too!

Perhaps some day I take up some Jap lesson to save my trouble on looking for lyric translation! Perhaps. . .

Takre care
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  • My objective was simply to expose you to sights and sounds entirely new to you... a stepping stone from which i may spark your curiosity and show you that there exists another world beyond the world you already knew... Then it'll be you yourself who develops and molds this new acquired taste into something of your own.

    Learn2play guitar first, ya?

    By Anonymous the wandering soul..., At 2:23 PM  

  • yup yup yup. . . .


    wat guitar>? tt was half-hearted gave up like so long ago, then experiment with piano also then lost the drive also, then thought of dancing but lazy then thought of learning Jap then bla bla, then thought of buying some art set and start painting but lazy; the lists go on. . . so many undone thoughts-

    By Blogger kai/kaispiral, At 9:07 PM  

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