桜 & 恋

Saturday, May 24, 2008

CroSS road of DeniaL

I was rejected by both NTU and NUS T___T

Yesterday, Mark Tan told me someone with GPA of 3.34 got into chemistry (NUS); and I thought wow, perhaps I had this chance to get in cux my GPA was there around too (-0.02). Then just today I checked my mail and I read “Admission Denied”…. So demoralized la!!! If only I’d scored better during Yr 2; well no point grumbling over stuff done . . . so here’s a shout out, GPA is cumulative; so do work hard throughout the 3 years!

Well online appealing will be opening soon; perhaps I just try again if not better luck next year. =]

Takre care
桜 & 恋

Perhaps I should start praying. . .


Somehow I just seem to lose the drive/enthusiasm in my sales lately .

I decided to air ‘Crossroad’ –YUI, since it tarred with the title of this entry- with meaning too~ A totally awesome upbeat song!

crossroad - YUI


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