桜 & 恋

Sunday, May 18, 2008

MOsT RidICUlouS WAY oF INjuRY uRself

I was trying to break this pair of toblerone chocolate into half when I didn’t know how in the world I plunge my index finger right into the pit, there was this instant pain when I try to squeeze the remnant of choc stuck in my nail, with blood oozing out as well, -,-. Was like so dumb la! Even with the injury the choc still never fail to alleviate my moody-mode that day. =]

Now I was typing real slow la, cux I typing with my index finger hanging in the mid-air!

Takre care
桜 & 恋

There this girl who work in the same company according to other auntie-promoters; kept randomly appearing like 3 times/3week recently @ 2 different locations. Did said some hello and hello and hello. . . Some spy or what? A coincidence? @_________@ Speaking of auntie-promoters, Im like so 'gum' with most of them la (JL PS AND Rob CP); all like my god-mum+s like that; telling me bout life, even confiding with me, one even jokingly said any promoters bullied you, mentioned their big names and all will settle, so violent yet so sweet ^_^

Well after much flaring/pushing I finally get first half of my last month pay (30%), so they still own me second half(70%), not to mentioned this month as well(100%). They even claimed to fork out personal pocket money to assure that I will get my payment; but words are just words aint it? Promoter like me is motivated by $$, while I was still staggering waiting for my pay, my sales really decline but my sales start improving when I received the pathetically first half of last month pay.

I’ll most probably be in Expo during Robinson Sale starting from 22nd this month; well we see bout it~

Namidario- literally means color-tainted tears (a metaphor)
The sad tune of guitar coupled with depressing vocal of YUI are more then enough to tell us this is a sad song. this song really take some listens to really love it and had become 1 of my fav YUI's songs! is really epic when she sang 'hito' before the chorus~


  • ... So you hurt yourself on a piece of chocolate... I truly worry for you when you go for BMT, kai-kun... ~_~

    And an auntie-killer will always be an auntie-killer, kai-kun... lol

    By Anonymous chocolate kills!, At 11:56 PM  

  • lolx! hahahx auntie killer? hmmmx of wellx... but poor finger! like that also can kana by a bar of choc! ah yox! at least at work there's smth to do to pass the time ehx? while for me its borinz la! hahax but i won't wana be in camp either! hehex... lucky u gt 30% of the pay! thats quite jiat lat! but at least its smth yea!

    By Anonymous lion, At 6:19 PM  

  • yea i was totally in disbelief on the injury -,-

    O_o LION! first time see you arnd here! yea at least it stm! =/ but they own me big things still...........

    By Blogger kai/kaispiral, At 9:24 PM  

  • hahax first time see me here cos quite ma fan to put comments yea! i prefer the ease of tagboard! but wellx i guess this will do for now! ehhex helps me pass time by doin more clicks yea!

    By Anonymous lion, At 8:24 PM  

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