桜 & 恋

Monday, May 12, 2008

FLasH bacK -ChOice

I’d been questioning myself:’ why should I be so pathetic enough to go drag customers in store like leeches just for that few dollars of incentives?’


During the first month of work, I will always wake up enthusiastically and embrace myself with the motto: ‘Let makes some sales today’ and will look ahead of the day loaded with sales! Lately, I just felt very sian la, I will like ‘Oh another day of work, another day of standing still and stuffs. I will no longer have the adrenaline to leap to work but instead dragging my feet there sloppily. Coupled with delay payment and some other issues I just felt like quitting or resting till road show in 2 weeks time. Lots of aunties had been telling me ‘This job not good la and stuff, and say stuffs like you’re computer-literate/diploma grad, why coop yourself here?’

But I guess is alright if it’s a mean for me to pass time yea? BUTTTTTTT passing time in store; where number of promoters usually >customers, I would rather pass time at home la, or pass my time riding bicycle under the hot hot sun~

Takre care
桜 & 恋

everything by MISIA- heard lots bout her but just couldn't bother to look her up till soemone intro me to her recently~ A really powerful ballad this song is!



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