桜 & 恋

Monday, May 26, 2008

1 of THse -______- + @___@ + $___$ + T___T day

Today there this ‘tai-tai’. . .

Comes forward and tell things like ‘Oh I live in 3 stories house, every time climb up and down very tired’ (after my fren mentioning bout she stay same rm as someone)

‘Oh today I came by MRT, stand so long tired’ ( but she told me someone drove her here)

‘Oh I had to do cooking after our maid+s? return’

‘I came down from very far -Bukit Timah (rich man area)’

‘I have 3 daughters and 4 God-sons’

Then she kept looking at me and singing praise at me and stuff; I could actually flirt back and said those sweet-tooth things to make her happy and buy my product but didn’t. . . (LOL) PLUS she had the ‘stench’ of oil, probably carried from Expo hall 5 (food fair). Want to shoo her off but she just kept u-turning back to chit-chat -___-

Takre care
桜 & 恋

Lower traffic today, thus we experience a lower sales @__@

Finally my last month pay was ready! Weeeeeeet! $_______________$

Someone recently just remind me of that loved-failed-day. . . T___T

oh yea, the lobang on swimming trunk, jux got bigger after each swim, i thought was alright at first cux inside there's another white piece of cloth but when the hole get real big then opx (finally asked my maid to mend it cux i'm getting a free one soon from ARMY~, LOL) k tts random! =/

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  • Goodness... how many years have you been wearing those trunks? 0.o Could it be that you've never had need to change them... or that it's precisely that you've been wearing them since years before that they're in that state, i wonder... lol...

    By Anonymous does size really matter?, At 10:20 AM  

  • cux when u used to stm; u want to have it always; cux wearing stm new may just affect my momentum during swim (tts psychological)!!

    By Blogger kai/kaispiral, At 9:11 AM  

  • But doesn't it get... uncomfortable... as they years go? Unless... 0.o

    By Anonymous Perhaps it is the length that matters...., At 9:51 AM  

  • its stretchable/elastic/ ZzzzZzzzzzZzzz

    By Blogger kai/kaispiral, At 9:59 PM  

  • I wonder what you must've seen that would have led to its stretchability/elasticity to be tested so far that a hole of ever growing proportions would be created... hehehe...

    By Anonymous a lil' of both, one has to say..., At 10:27 AM  

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