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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

paTient DUde!

I wan my pay sia! 1 month already!!!!! My agency keeps dragging. A conman/scammer? Finger cross man~ patient


As expected it is really weird for guy selling make up removal (just launch today), I was clumsily toddling customers’ hands with eye liner and stuff la then demonstrate the wonder of our make up removal- zzzz @___@ think back like so funny sia

Takre care
桜 & 恋

Today, a new staff was with me and I’d to ‘teach’ her. She was more like a hinder to my sales progression but I thought I was once like her so I push the ‘evil-me’ aside and tell her patiently the little things to note and stuffs. (Think I was too serious)!

Does karma really does exist? I believed it does; I remembered couple of times I let my co-promoters share some of my sales (cux they do help, but today is never really help, but well she’s new so yea), then the sales start rolling in thereafter. Be it be psychological or what not; it does somehow exist. (of cux u do it not for the sake of karma then karma will happen) Just today my boss came down to spot check then found the counter messy and found sample kit displaying in front and said:
‘are you asking customers to get sample for free instead of buying them?’
I was like ‘Yea oh’ (actually is that girl put de, but I absorbed all the thingy @__@) Think these little trivia matters I can be ‘generous/benevolent’ enough to cover/help; but when big things really come then will be the time I be really tested!

I dare said I know my stuff well but that doesn’t mean I can teach well.

• I sold 3k plus of goods last month, this month hmmm??

Woot man, there another girl by the name of Yui Aragaki, she like duplicity of YUI la, name, starring in sad movie, singer and stuffs, zzz! Doubt a threat to YUI in singing career though, unless you talking bout acting-random

finally know where to watch Lion king le, thx to YL!!1



  • As I have taught you, so do you end up teaching yourself... lol Perhaps you may have caught a glimpse of what it's like being the 'sensei' for once, about how fulfilling it can be to enrich another's reservoir of knowledge as I attempt to do for yours... But of course, it is only natural for one to feel that the student may surpass the teacher, eventually turning into a 'threat' that one had a hand in creating... I was no exception, really... But you see... The joys of imparting knowledge and the fulfillment it gives outweighs them...

    Do you have a copy of the contract that you signed when you took up the job? The terms etc etc... look them up, kai-kun.

    And what's so 'weird', man? I mean, it should be the dream of every guy out there... You get to touch the smooth, supple skin of a lady... stroking them ever so gently as you gaze in their eyes, hypnotizing them and lulling them into a sweet sense of comfort and security with your voice... aaahhhh... Truly, you should EMBRACE your current job, taste it to the fullest! Where else is it justified to just pull aside any jane or mary on the street and serenade them while maintaining touch on their skin...

    By Anonymous your faithful गुरु, At 2:00 PM  

  • well i didnt see her as a threat in the very first place =/

    as for the contract, i remembered i return the duplicate copy to them for some reasons that i'd no idea of, zzzzz

    sounded so sick-o in the last part!!! i wonder if calvin does apply the gel for them, hmmm....

    By Blogger kai/kaispiral, At 3:01 PM  

  • ... KAI-KUN YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO KEEP A DUPLICATE OF THE CONTRACT, HELLO?!?!!?!??!?!!??!!? BAKA-KAI, AHOU!!!! ...geez... the contract you see, is the legal binding between you and the agency, which they must uphold. If you don't have any proof of such things, there's very little you can do, y'know... Make sure to keep such things properly... make copies for yourself and such... It's all to be safe and such. Also, remember to read the fine print etc etc...

    Awww... and kai-kun's still a boy... You don't like it all hot and steamy in here, hmmm? Like all the oooo and aaaahhh... And besides, i bet you're touching more female skin than you have in your coming-20 years of existence, are you? Enjoy the sensation... but truly indulge in it when the right one comes along...

    By Anonymous baka no kai-kun Xth version, At 4:21 PM  

  • 0.o wellll, i tried not to help them apply.. but there are circumstance where i have no choice.. perhaps i am weird and i am the only one.. but i felt quite disgusted when i

    "get to touch the smooth, supple skin of a lady... stroking them ever so gently as i gaze in their eyes, hypnotizing them and lulling them into a sweet sense of comfort and security with my voice" =DD

    i think in sales mentor/student relationship, there isn't really a term called surpassed.. since it depends on luck alot of times..

    but i wonder something.. what do you guys think the student would feel if he/she really surpassed the teacher?

    btw i think melvin sensei really should refrain yourself from using too much negative comments.. kj is really a treasured worker.. after all sales line is practical.. do well and you are your boss's god.. did badly and you will be replaced soon

    my god.. i actually wrote such a long post also lol

    By Anonymous Calvin, At 1:00 AM  

  • btw melvin kun.. i finished your chrno crusade 2 weeks ago.. it was good but its another anime with super sad ending.. i really wonder whether i should continue watching the other animes since 2/2 of those animes you lent me are sooooo sad.

    sorry for posting this here although it have nothing to do with your post lol.. convenient mah haha

    By Anonymous Calvin, At 1:08 AM  

  • I swear, there's something wrong with you two... 'Disgusted' by touching a lady's skin? Shy I can understand... but disgusted... ewwww..... Besides, I'm sure you've never got the chance to touch ladies as much in your 20 years of existence now, have you, Calvin-dono! you simply MUST savour the moment... let your fantasy take flight! ... I do hope no 'sales promoter sexually harasses customer' articles come out in the weeks to come though... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

    Let's face it, Kai-kun is replaceable, just like you and every other worker working for them. All replaceable! And besides, he's leaving them soon anyways... They might even use that as a reason, leaving early, to pull some act and take advantage of poor puppy-kun's naive and unassuming character!

    Not everything ends happily ever after, dear calvin-dono... Isn't that so for real life as well? What matters is that it leaves an impact on you, a sense of deep feeling, to strike a chord in your heart, that's what sets anime apart from all the other junk they feed all the poor children out there by the galleons! Truth be told i can't really recall what series I loaned you too LOL But not all are sad endings ba... There're some that leave you feeling good too! All are touching though, i can guarantee that... ^_^

    By Anonymous who is this melvin you speak off..., At 2:24 AM  

  • its about the quality and not the quantity.. anyway there is not much pleasure you could obtain by touching and massaging the hand.. i think our dear melvin-kun seems abit d******e.. anyway i believe you could easily join this company and to "savour the moment... let your fantasy take flight" lol =X

    and of course we are replacable, but how long does they company need to find someone who could truely replace us depends on how strong our sales really is

    By Anonymous Calvin, At 11:41 PM  

  • aragaki or GAKKI! is already right up there. no fear, her movie koizora broke records, she won best something award,she released an album before her single, and the second album is on the way. she is in top 10 girls voting since i duno when. she has just been voted top 1,2 or3 in best actress with black hair.
    and of cos many more..
    I dun think she is a threat she is just a actress while YUI is a Singer, producer. their world dont cross.
    and yui Gakki is SAME AGE AS US!!!
    although critics say her voice is nth special, but i finished listening to her first album. it was relaxing anyway, must be the freshness.
    anyway gakki has a not bad acting.. very watchable. pretty or not, up to you.
    is that YUI in girls lock? or her own radio?

    By Anonymous zw, At 11:04 PM  

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