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Saturday, March 22, 2008

P. Ubin trip

So it was yet another of those Ubin expeditions. This time was with 2 sec kaki-s. More than half of the day was spend photo taking (@__@). Well I guess it was a quite an experience after all someone finally dare to venture into off-track routes with me and had explore many interesting ‘prohibited areas’ too.

As the boat cut through the wave, the V-shaped waveform is so nice la. I didn't take it intentionally with e idea, it just coincidence that i managed to capture that scene (smug)

The spree of photo taking started here on the boat! Thank God for the sunny weather!

The boat heading back, yea everyone knows that -,-

Do think i see his face here in PU! was like zzz la

The quarry!

tortie! there were like 6 of them on land; all siam into the river with their little heads protruding out of water when we bam in~

Our friendly service showing u guys where the 'toilet' is!

this was the most ridiculously retard picture of the day. I was busy setting the camera that when i ran back to pose, snap and tada this i repeat 'ridiculously retard' post

1 of those classic 'artistic' post!

through here is where all the funs begin! we're bout to venture into the prohibited area!

nice view eh?

photo taken while taking photo for us @_@

A squid!

isn;t this look like a couple shot? LOL hahaha

outside the visitor house or e so called 'museum'

We had lunch over there before back on 2 wheels. Along the way, I would say ‘thanks to lion’s cramp that we halted like 15mins before it start raining that we head back to jetty’. We could probably deviate further down from jetty if not for his cramp, lol!

Back in mainland, we head back home for a little wash-up before heading for dinner together and its no wonder lion’s dad who drove us to and fro to jetty said ‘Oh what a package tour huh>?’ @___@

This trip was a little different from the past, as it centralizes in photo taking of people. The other times was more of the nature (birds, flowers, tree, mudskipper, crab, oil palm, temples and stufffsssssssss)

there were like 200++ photos taken together, and will be crazy to upload all la.LOL

takre care
桜 & 恋

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