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Friday, July 07, 2006

the word 'of'

was recalling my et(enviromental technology) lecturer's 'sermon'. he said tt printing 2 pieces of double sideded paper will 'salvage' 1/2 paper.(what he meant was originally 4 papers was actually needed then now used 2 instead thus saving 1/2 paper as in{ 1/2 X 4 =2})... was wondering this sentence.. used 2 pieces of paper double sided (we actually used 4 half paper).. then when use 4 pieces of paper single sided (isnt tt 4 half paper too?) ya? so wat e diff!

he should hav said printing 2 pieces of paper double sided can actually saved half of paper(e diff here is e word 'of').. half of paper is more appopriate... half of 4 gave us 2 .. thus is understandable ... 1/2 paper is not = 1/2 of paper..

catch ani balls??? guess nt ... @______@


  • As long as you catch his drift, does anything else really matter? Rather like your blog of yours... There's many things that can be rephrased properly and in a more understandable matter, but as long as I can understand your message, and your feelings and thoughts can reach me... Isn't that all that matters? :P

    By Anonymous Half Empty, At 11:05 PM  

  • jux wana share tt some details left out can change e whole picture.. or was i being fussy .. lol @____@

    By Blogger kai, At 1:33 PM  

  • Yep, just being fussy... like when it comes to food... (> ' ' )>

    By Anonymous Half Full, At 4:28 PM  

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