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Sunday, June 25, 2006

2 faces of lost

have u all ever felt lost.. having thoughts like ' why am i here?' ,'what my purpose here?' i sometime does have this kind of thought while walking a long sketch of road down my house..

it was then when i attend this service.. this pastor once said ' our hearts are created with a hole, no matter how much we achived this hole cant be filled, til is filled by HIS love' in a way man will never be satisfy with his success(e satifiscations r short term) , cox there are always other 'success' for us to succed in ya?(they tried all ways to mend this very hole).. however this hole can be filled permently by HIM.

all this hole is down to insercurity like mel said.. . insercurity within us human leads to creation of religion. man belived these religions can relived this hole within them. but which are REAL(i mean who care)? to me all religions are alright,have e same purpose , in a way , they are meant to fill this hole , teach us righteous things etc. it just tt diff religion believe in diff supernatural tt all. this insercurity is e hole i guess..

unfortunately, diff religions result in conflict as seen in history(don wish to elaborate). it is the pride i guess.. the pride in thier religion and within human.. pride within us make us wanted to belive waht we had believe is right and others are wrong ( i guess) ,, didnt religion teaches bout pride?
a free thinker now..

but i wanted to talk bout lost is actually i lost my ear piece =.= tt was yesterday, e opend ear piece was inside this plastic(which was hung on my bicycle handle), u c iwas cycling back home.. i heard this 'zezeze' sound as e plastic rub against e wheels.. didnt borther =@ .. so when i reach home.. guess what a hole in e plastic.. e neglection of e zeze sound cost me tt.. what worse was tt , i bought a 17 bucks de. when i actually wanted to bought e $8 one.. well T__T


  • Hmm... there's nothing with religion, nothing wrong about it being real or not. What matters is that it gives people strength to carry out their lives with their heads held high. Strength that comes from believing, hoping, and knowing. There's nothing with pride as well... only if it's to great an extent, perhaps. Without pride, one's existence loses its purpose. We're all looking for purpose, aren't we? It is perhaps, when peole have differing purposes, purposes that clash that leads to conflict and disputes... When neither side wishes to back down, like in the case of you and your brother... lol

    And why in the world would you hang a plastic bag on your bike's handlebars? That basket they put in front of bikes does have its purpose too you know... lol

    By Anonymous Prideful, At 1:47 PM  

  • mine didnt had a basket.. well at least e ear piece cusion is still with me =D lol

    By Blogger kai, At 10:07 PM  

  • eeerm after reading ur blog i have one comment..........TOO LONG LIAo le and is a veri serious topic zzzzzz rather feel lost den see ur blog LOL haha

    By Blogger yuanchaser, At 7:29 PM  

  • is there ani words limits in blog? @__@ .. ya agree \ serious topic buT e main pt here is I LOST MY EARPIECE lol @__@

    By Blogger kai, At 4:03 PM  

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