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Thursday, July 06, 2006

'u can all slp sound tonight'

read my fren's blog bout superman recently... me catch e show with my frn yesterday .. wana write a review(don read if u haven catch e show, this entry may be a spoiler) bout it when e memory is still fresh.. e show begins by showing superman crashing down on earth in a spaceship(i think)... there his 'mom' calling him 'clark' .. i was wondering how e hell she know his name 'clark'(i thought they met for e first time u c), it was later in e middle of show(which reveal tt superman had returned to outerspace in search of his kind in e previous series and now had came back for some reasons
) had i realise it is e continue part of supermania series =.=

k, don wana disclose too much...

how i felt?

e show talk bout e world need a saviour and tt saviour of course is him SUPERMAN.. but in reality whos our saviour?
Prophet Mohammad, Lord Krishna, Buddha, Jesus? u decide for yourself... =D

roughly quote' god is selffish, he never share his power' said by e botak villian.. but hey.. e ability to see, hear, feel, isnt tt consider power.. wat e villian meant by power i guess is like erm imbued ability to fly body of steel etc (basically he was describing superman)... tt show mans hunger for power(to control, conquer).. but then again god has given us ability to fly in a indirect way.. aeroplane , jet etc.. i mean with these flying machine man can cause trigger chaos, say the 911? so if god has happen to instill us with e ability to fly at ease ..wat more chaos can we generate?

there are some flaws in e show as well.. i mean since superman can fly, y does he need to take a spaceship back to earth in e opening of e show? and his hair is always tt stylish(never change) even if he had fell from strastophere to earth? and 1 things if u guys notice his normal hairdo will immediately change to superman hairstyle(with a letter s tandle down) e moment he alter to his superhuman mode! and y cnt people arnd him distinguish his human mode and superman mode i mean they are diff by e squarish spec , and e obvious red triangle... @__@

there r some hunourous touch in e show as well ... when superman's son(ops i revealed tt) saw e botak villian he said ' mum he is bald'(e way he put it across is so cute and funny). this kid also put a tub over his head running arnd, running here and there... still lots of them!

kryptonite is superman only weakness.. in front of it he is reduced to mere human as show in e movie when e botak villian n his gangs trash him like puppet,blood r already oozing then. he even pierice e kryptonite into his kidney, ouch! but latta in e movie , it show superman lying in e hospital bed with a piece of kryptonite imedded in him.. and e needle which e nurse was trying to inject into his body got bent! i was confused, doesnt superman suppose to lose his power as show earlier in e show, shouldnt e needle not be bent(another flaw). or was e needle being injected after e kryptonite being removed ?____?

tt all ba i guess.. still more to write will be too wordy then@___@

superman nxt series will be superman's son turns into villian , i guess.. haha.. and we will be seeing how he 'save' e world again..

3/5 fo r e show~


  • People tend to take for granted what they already have, and it is only natural for one to seek what can never get... Or what one is not supposed to get. Such is the "forbidden fruit" theory that seeks to explain the actions and desires of humans.How can we be so discontented with ourselves? So wholly obssessed with that which we do not already have...?

    Also, it's only a movie... Discrepencies between fact, fiction, reality and virtuality are unavoidable... It's required that certain things are noticed, some things ignored, and some unlikely events that should never happen, happen to progress the plot in accordance to the whims of the scriptwriter... Most of the time, they begin with the end already in sight, and how to reach that end, merely lies in some subtle twists in plot, developments in character, and so forth... Such is the case for every show, drama, movie or even anime.

    p.s. Hmm... how to say this, but a bit sad, maybe, but expected since i turned you down... Next time, perhaps, next time... Hope you enjoyed yourself at the very least, even if the movie wasn't as superb as you'd like it...

    By Anonymous 忘れてはいけない, At 10:07 PM  

  • The needle was injected after e kryptonite being removed... Hahha.. You got some sort of lag time going on with your head. And wow, you got one hell of a blog fan here man. LOL!

    By Blogger Ruben, At 12:02 AM  

  • So you're the one...

    By Anonymous 忘れられていた彼, At 1:32 AM  

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