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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

'clear my name' justice BAO!

rece`ntly had been receipting 'piercing aura' frm these bunch of gals.. i mean, it felt so cold and uncomfortable as i brushed pass them.. i guessed i know e reasons why.. probably they thought im an arrogant arse, as in e past .. i jux simply walk swiftly away w/o words of 'hi', as i walk pass them(>5 times).. well e fact is tt im shy, i can t reall y have eye contact with gals (especially those really pretty 1) ! got once i recalled, when 1 of them smiled at me i jux simply smile back(but w8 my eyes are looking some where, u know looking up e flight of stairs), tt will be enough to label me as an arrogant arse(cox it seem unsincere) i guess.. lol. though i didnt mean to.. am i oversensitive?

another things bout me is tt, i only can talk to lady who initiate a conversation with me.. i can t really strike a communication with lady rnd my age(unless u r talking bout projects school works and stuff).. however i can communicate rather effectively with middle age woman , wif granny for some reason s of sought.

this shyness hab been a thumbling block in my life... i always tel l myself to overcome it,but t o ano it due to low self esteem, genetic(LOL), psychology @__@ .. well i firgure it out someday.. may tt someday draw near.. and place a full-stop in my shyness !


  • Such a waste that you're not attached still... Maybe this "piercing aura"'s really an... ahem... and y'know... you're really sensing the pheremones stimulated by feelings of... Playing so hard to get too... tsk tsk... Or maybe you've just got to face the fact that you're attracted to older women? hmm? ;p

    By Anonymous L'Amour, At 1:04 AM  

  • Can't be genetics! you and your brother are practically polar opposites lol

    By Anonymous 遠くから見る彼, At 1:07 AM  

  • nt attracted to older woman but able to identify with them for some reasons @.....@

    By Blogger kai, At 7:23 PM  

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