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Friday, May 26, 2006

money face?>

well hectic week, tests for e whole stream of week.. let forget bout whining..and stuffs! recently i met this gal with her mom at bus stop.. this little gal was trying to plead her mum to let her tap e ez-link card later on the bus.. curious u can say .. her mum at first seems unwilling, but who can resist her big wattery eyes(think anime) that melts hearts of those who see it. she let her have her way thereafter.. before passing her e card , she told her to handle the card with care and return to her right after she had tap the card. she nod her head like tt of erm dog i guess, ops... e little gal handle e card effortlessly.. wat shock me nxt was that she was trying to break open the card as if wanting to take the money inside.. gosh.. kids nowadays so practical? note she only starting to dig open e card when she heard her mun saying tt inside e card has $$. curiousity? or kids are now like adults thinking bout $$.. they longer retain their innocent thoughts and wonders, stop building sancastles in MOON? maybe parents shldnt kept mentioning bout $$ to kids. and stop telling them to value stm cox is ewxpensive etc!


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