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Sunday, December 11, 2005


"love is a illusion, i should try to forget...", came humming in my head. For those who know mltr this pharse will br familiar.. to love someone is it a burden or is it a relieve? with love there always someone else there to support, at the same time may drag you down the drain, the world is equal and opposite isn't it? nothing in world is perfect? , then why cam e a phrase "prastice make perfect".. boy out of point.. now now, one may argue that 1 love xxx hence willing to sacrifie for xxx , is a common theme in many romance movies or trategy titanic, example.. yea, man back to reality, can love really be tt strong? all these die for love one mindset is just deluding the young minds.. they think to love is to die for the other spouse.boy! oh yea i talking about bgr love not brotherly or parently(got such word?) love.. bascially love btw a girl and guy first come through facial affection.. both enjoy each looks.. they never go deep into consider their characters etc.. in the end both break up say a week,both ended up sad then set on a journy to look for belle or a cute guy..a vicious cycle. but of course some look into the character too..back t love is illusion ..because one tend to look at the face not the inner self, xxx may look like an angel, deep inside a devil? again i find a proverd "systoms of love is to love more... "but what if the llove is miserable then loving more means hurting one more?again 1 may argue i never tasted love bgr not in postion of telling all these? however i seen couples break and form repeatly in my school..a small handful cannot determine this.. look at usa divorce rate.. boom increaisng..above all love may be in illusuion, but with thses illusion there nay be some bitter sweet memories , that alone satisfy man for relationship..

kai sighning off


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