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Sunday, July 05, 2009

2 kukus skating

A retreat from the usual shopping/movies, and a promise I'd made with my little sis like so long ago- to bring her to skate! To begin, both of us know nuts about skating; so I can picture 2 kukus skating, struggling to balance and of course lots of butt-aches. . . AHAH

There was lots of laughter, silly ones along the way to East Coast . . . first was us, with our flip flops, chasing the bus, those ‘flap,flap’ sounds sure drew us lots of attentions. . . just burst into hysteria manner when we board the bus, laughing at each other.

Armed with those road-side “jia-balang’ ice-cream around PP area, we stroll toward the park! Then it started pouring mins after a light drizzles!

We were like ZZZ ##$%$#^, and i was like “AT least we got our ice-cream’ ahaha. . . then we decided to walk round the NTUC, while waiting for the rain to subside. Got an umbrella, some sour plum and continue our journey!

Down & up the under-pass, following the path, we were greeted by some gigantic ship standing strong in the midst of stormy sea! At moment i was totally in awe .Good God, it stop raining after a while =p

Got our skates and the kukus things start immediately, we don’t even know how to put on the gears least saying learning to skate la, was like so ma-lu... @__@ luckily for us there this skating ring just beside the rental shop. I was expecting lots of pros doing stunts there, but good most of the ones i saw there were beginners like us holding onto the rail, balancing and falling, and skating like ducks or penguin (if it sounds cuter =p)

So round and round, with me falling twice as i got impatient and wanted to speed a little, ahahha. . . an hour passed quickly and it times to go. . . walking the same route back, seeing the sea for the last time before going down the under-pass, except now it was calmer, smile and we stroll back. . .
On board bus it started raining heavily again

Booking in soon, like 20mins times. .


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