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Thursday, December 31, 2009

a little effort may go a long way . . .

Flipping through my head while idling on bus, I thought of a letter se d to my good old pal back in primary school . . .

I did mentioned before this guy couple of times before in this blog. . .

I’d remembered sending him a birthday card not long after I got transferred. He replied with a letter stating his birthday date and requesting for a present and in return will send me one. Inside was his photo and some other pals, i’d kept them in my wallet (yep , YEEW?) for 2 years or so before the good old wallet fell into the bowl and yea . ..

So . .. The page was flipped to the part where I just overlooked the present thing . . . so we lost touched for like 3 years before I’d the urge to dial him up (the last called lasted 2 + + +hrs, still the longest yet for both gender). I still remembered his home number as all the numbers cluster in the middle of telephone. “Just Dial and call” the feeling, the little fingers run through the pads but somehow you wished he hadn’t picked up (anyone had this kinda feelings before?)

This year I’d tried to look him up in facebook but to no avail. . . Another call perhaps?

Sometime with just a little effort, a beautiful picture may be paint. ..

takre care
桜 & 恋



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