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Saturday, October 25, 2008

2 grusome weeks down!

God!!! I finally see through these gruesome 2 solid weeks of duo field camp[s] + 2 navigation [s] combos. . . lots of things to share, to rant about, stupid stories to tell about .. .

Just last night out platoon was turn out in the middle of night in our FBO attire (vest+ field pack+ rifle + additional 8.9kg matador for me). It was pitching dark, slippery, and we had to scale all the way downhill with our torch and the drizzling just worsen the terrain. The load I harboring was about 30kg, more than half of my body weight la! I staggered down cautiously but suay suay fell into a pit hole with my ankle twisted in a 90 degree angle; I still bite my teeth and went down. Downhill, we were asked to high kneel (kneel down), with the load and received our ‘order’- to get back to our harboring area and prone down in FBO attire and do 1/3 alert for 1.5hrs. I did it for like 10 mins and already breathless, cux the load is really compressing me, squashing my balls that I just took the risk and sit down and just kept my eye open on sergeant patrolling. I doze off eventually and heng heng not kena caught. In fact I did lots of ‘offenses’ during the camp like leaving my rifle unattended and peeing at the nearest tree, shit-ing at the latrine point; never got caught . . . but this simply shows I lack the basic discipline. . .

For the past 2 weeks, with the LBV (vest) imbue to our body 24hrs/day unless during changing; and the moment back in company line, took it off and we like flying during marching! We felt so light la! LOL!
Performance wise, I as usual ga-bra not all but most of the section battle order drills. Haiz. . .

Navigation wise, mostly depend on my teammates to get us out of the forest, though I did some leading in the beginning. . .
Aiyo, to sum up I just didn’t performed during my field camp + navigation assessment.. . @___@

I don’t mind sleeping on the muddy mud w/o shelter over-head, with lots of creepy crawlies around you. I don mind the never-ending 1/3 alert and high kneeling, I don’t mind consuming the green pack, I don mind the stench of helmet that can attract houseflies, I don’t mind all those abrasion from rifle sling, I don’t mind the load on my body, I don’t mind the endless climbing up and downhill like nobody business, but I thing I mind- the camo cream! I just hate the idea of smearing that stuff on my face, vain or what not, I just don’t like the feeling . . .

With that
Takre care
桜 & 恋



  • To overcome all trials and tribulations placed before you... Feel proud of yourself, kai-kun... I'm proud of you, that's for sure :)

    By Anonymous vanity is a sin!, At 3:55 PM  

  • =], there are always more out there to be overcome till i drop dead . . .@__@

    By Blogger kai/kaispiral, At 9:16 AM  

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