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Thursday, August 17, 2006

3 wks after my birthday i recived
-birthday cake treat frm class
(back forest)

-treat frm mel at cartel - steak @__@
at swesen- chicken baked rice
-walfer cum ice cream
-treat by yy at sake sushi(SHASHIMI NICE)
-pay half of the cost of 3 shirts 1 long pants , 1 short, 1 flip flog
-flush down wiht birthday cake at home

-hp samsung d510 frm dad (to many it may jux be a normal phone, but for me is like woah, cox is a leap frm nokia3100 u c(w/o camera w/o mp3 etc basically nth)=@

thaks guys

exam time~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`

ritornerò presto
η come back soon
나는 빨리 돌아온다
eu volto logo
я come back скоро

wana share

ant that alot of love

simply red

I know the desert cant hold all the love
That I feel in my heart for you
If I could spread it out across the seaI know my love would cork it up
Aint that a lot of love for one heart to hold
If the bees only knew how sweet you are baby
They would seal up their honeycomb
If the birds could hear how sweet your voice is
They would tighten up the songAint that a lot of love for one heart to hold
Your lips are so sweet honey youre my every need
You got a smile so rare
A love like yours I just cant compare
Aint that a lot of love for one heart to hold
Aint that a lot of love for one heart to hold
If the cook in the kitchen had a touch as hot as yours
They wouldnt need a fire
I cant think of a word that describes you better
Than the sight of her


  • wat a contrast frm ur previous series of unfortunate events!

    make me thik abt it:
    gain vs lost
    blessed or unfortunate
    is d glass haf filled or haf empty
    contentment vs psychology??

    all depend on which grid of window u see...

    By Anonymous thik thik, At 12:58 PM  

  • If only it were true... Poor Kai's bike was stolen not too long after his birthday... More like a case of "what goes up, must come down" or "all things come to an end"...

    But... Well... I hope at least that you'll remember it... Kai gave me a treat today too... ^_^ ... Though I did have to wait 2 and a half hours for it... sigh... why is it that you can be on time for every thing other than our meetings....? : / Maybe one day I'll give you a taste of your own medicine...

    By Anonymous Half Full, redux, At 9:21 PM  

  • alots of things jux crop up

    By Blogger kai, At 10:36 PM  

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