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Friday, July 21, 2006

the Mystery behind the RED DOT~

lets see, erm that was like 4 days ago.. i woke up with a ache beneath my arm or armpit to be exact... i thought probably i didnt slept properly, as in my position of sleep.

the pain went worse, the next day.. i realised there a red dots when i raise my arm in front of the mirror... HOLY.. wth is tt pinkish sore?i could hardly close my armpit then... i applied aloe vera gel but to avail... the sore simply just expand every moment i thought..

prime suspects(in order of suspision)

1) after consultation from my ah ma .. she replied maybe due to body heatiness.. hence results in that dot!

2)probably bitten by some insects , cox i just saw 1 of those whopping ant with wings on my study table just yesterdaay.. it could had flew to my armpit when i dose off...(can the ant stand the 'aroma' of my armpit? and maneuver through the jungles to reach the targeted land?)

3)perhaps, a strand of hair drop off from my armpit, leaving a hole.. and some dust particles happen to fall into the pit causing some 'reaction' and taada a RED DOt is emerge..

well that all the possibility i could thought of... but alas the red dots seem to be shrinking .. and finall y i could close my armpit for god sake and others sake...=D

tt my lamest entries thus far i guess... @___@


  • so lame, that i'll keep this short: no comment.

    By Anonymous ..., At 10:19 PM  

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