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Monday, July 26, 2010

For a while . . .

On the first day of my sec school, he signals me to sit beside me. I guess he knew I was from the same pri school. I can’t remember much about the initial conversation. It probably revolved round beng wan primary school.

The four of us somehow became very close; our friendship deepened through the up and down of NPCC days. I’d fond memories during those days. I remembered our NCO training back at Mont Hill Sec School. As usual we cooked up some excuses to leave camp early without landing ourselves in jeopardy. Stomachaches, feeling unwell or urgent matters to look into back at home are the usual excuses. Now I wondered “Why aren’t the teachers suspicious when the 4 of us always ‘disappear’ together?” So we left the campsite, it started raining heavily. There was no shelter. Either the four of us or 2 shared one poncho, braving through the rain. I started singing some NPCC songs and the rest joined in. We do look like some idiots; but those were really the good old days.

Lots of things changes; from the days we played catching during recess to focusing more on our studies during upper secondary school days. He work hard and top our cohort that year.

He is my good friend, Ryan or rather ‘Lion’, which I often used to address him. He’d passed on recently.

I thank you Ryan for your little gesture, asking me to sit beside you; my first day would have been lost.

I didn’t think much, less appreciate those little things and memories till the tragedy. We only come to be grateful for certain things when we lose it. So friends treasure those moments, little things you’d spend with people around you.

Having said all this, I think I may just forgotten about all these in months times. We’re human afterall.

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