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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Young and navie . . .

Memory brings me back to times when i was in PRI 3, back in DQPS before i got transferred. I was sitting beside this girl. I remembered she’s a peranakan; very tall for our age; tan . . . .

She said “when the clock struck 12 noon, let’s make a wish and it’ll come true”
We sat down, side by side on our seat, eyes gluing to the’ second hand’ of the wall clock.

“Ready, GO”
I close my eye, fingers interlocked, elbows resting on the table: “I wish I can marry her”

We didn’t share our wishes, and i can’t remember what happened after.
Back then i don’t even know what is love, what is to be in a relationship, less about marriage, even till now I can feel it, know it but not experiencing it . . . maybe its something that can never be explain or understand.

Just don’t lose your sanity, dignity, identify to love; i read it somewhere. . .


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桜 & 恋


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  • =D

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