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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Sound right? Think again maybe

I misinterpreted some songs back when I was younger.

Transformers robot ‘in the sky’ thats what I thought the theme song was sang then. It was only after the movie adaptation that I realize is ‘robot in disguise’. Come to think of it, not all the autobots or villan-bots can fly right?

London Bridge is falling down . . . . ’my friend ready’, and we will grasp whoever went between the arms. Why would I think ‘my fair lady’ is the right lyric when it didn’t sound right? My fair lady, when a guy caught between arms?

Many a time, we presumed things are right, just because they ‘sounded’ right. Just that ‘blink’ instant, by-passing all the possible logical thinking. Well we do have 5 senses; and we can’t allow one to decide all, no?


Of late, I had the habit to pair my post with an image. I google-ed the word ‘listen’ and came across the Chinese character “聴”. Immediately, I recalled my Chinese teacher saying the character itself comprises of an ‘ear’, 10 ‘eyes’ and a heart. Next time when you heard something, make sure it seems right and feel right before concluding something!

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  • What you are referring to, is a common psychological blunder known as conjunction error, but I shall leave that lesson to another time... Or maybe you might recall it from before, aye, kai-kun? ;) You are quite right, however, in that one should always listen carefully to the words, pay attention to the context in which they are spoken and also the general feel behind it.

    Of great interest of course are songs that are particularly intelligent in their play of words and concealing darker messages in what appears to be bright and rosy tunes, or deeper implications in seemingly shallow and easygoing words... There is a certain beauty in it that, alas, is not found in a great number of the mindless songs of today...

    By Anonymous listen with one's heart or mind?, At 10:05 PM  

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