桜 & 恋

Thursday, December 25, 2008

simple yet swt!

So how does Kai spend his Christmas Eve? He joined his 3 kakis who knew each other for 7+ years, for dinner at Aston for some beefy steaks, followed by grabbing some sushi, drinks for game of Risk (u know that board game) @ my house. Guess this was the 4th time this year! LOL!!!

So we played through the night, till my clock struck and my dog bark, and a toasting of some sparkling juice, with me having the honor of popping the cork of the bottle out my 23rd story floor; did it hit anyone?

I’d always'd this thought since 2006, that Christmas Eve or Christmas day itself should be spend with someone dearly like, your partner; should be romantic and is really pathetic to spend with frens, but I guess spending with close pals, simple as it is yet is heart-warming enough to see through the festive. =]

Takre care
桜 & 恋

[photos with John; usually is either me or lion or stm clins taking the shoots, @__@]

01. The Way You Look At Me - Christian Bautista

yesterday was 2th anniversary i came to know YUI, ahhaha. . . i jump back to my older posts on how i spend my eve, and all were revolving on the same topic. . .

mooching choc

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