桜 & 恋

Sunday, December 21, 2008

hmmm 凹

As amour spec, everything I’d last seen at Sispec , from vehicles to weapons were petite to the max. We were introduced to 3 new weapons for the last 2 weeks; with GPMG (biggest weapon in infantry) to the recent 40 AGL (3 times the weight!, 33kg). I guess that the only pride we have being an amour spec. . .

Physical training gets tougher each day and wonder if my knee could take it or not. . .
Oh yea! Next week from wed to sun, I’ll be off!!! Wonder what to do those few days? (still haven't go to Escape theme park, dont know since when i last said i want to go there, lol) And my braces gonna get remove next sat tentatively, excited!

Takre care
桜 & 恋
Sometime 1 shouldn’t drop the ‘L’ bomb too f ast

jus had hair cut yesterday, bloadDy HeLl lA , $12 for a hair cut w/o much hair, nvm, then cut till like cock like that, cut till like the mid abit concave in, which remind of the chinese character 凹 @____@

28th Dec? ? ? you counting down to that day i last send you the mail? thinking too much. . .

oh yea, my corporal rank gonna be stripped and replaced with this -pin on rank-till we got our 3rd sergeant rank so as to recongnize us as 'specialist cadet' just because there are officer cadet, -___- so lame la spend $3 per uniform to sew up the rank, now had to remove, ZZZ.. ..

olivia-sometime when we touch


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