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Sunday, December 14, 2008

ma_Y tHi_nGs gO w_EL_L

Guess things will get sour midst of my bunk mates. This guy who supposedly had his guard duty today was on medical leave; thus naturally his bed buddy will stand by for him. His buddy had his duty this week, thus was unfair for him to do so, but he’d no choice.

Just yesterday, he rang me up while I was catching ‘Boltz’ (geez of all time), saying ‘I’d sore eyes could you stand in for me?’

I was baffled! Then I replied ‘I need to go CGH’ via msg*sound as if, I cooked up some story? Just check up my previous post*

Thereafter was a serious of persuasion and stuff . . . of which I didn’t know the end result. Cux someone just had to do it. . .but what I can confirm will be a sense of awkwardness, silence when I book in later the day. Just hope for the better.

Speaking of CGH, the Dr. just touch my knee for <10secs and concluded there nothing wrong with my knee! God, I know on the surface is ok, but the inside isn’t! waited 2 hr for <1min examination (I understand that they prioritize time for more serious cases one, that they had to rush and stuff, but…

Guess tomorrow knock the door of Gedong’s MO’s orthopedic.. .
How the movie ‘Boltz’? Surface, recyclable yet touching themes like friendship, sacrifice and family are shown. There more to it. like the finding of one’s identity, when Boltz embark a journey leading him to find his true self (though the initial plan was to find his owner). Boltz who believed he had this super power, behave differently, out of ‘social norm’ of which the cat picked it up and said something like [a dog should behave like a dog] i.e. to say return a throw stick . . . so this bring up to 1 thing, should we do thing what the majority think is normal (of which Mel always bring it up), neglecting individual uniqueness? Bababababa, making a light-hearted movie so serious, LOL! But the theme of ‘growing up’ is more avid, seeing young Boltz growing up….anyway I still didn’t found the movie 3D even though is #D form @___@

Takre care
桜 & 恋

Always wanted to show concern when I know you’re down or something, but don’t know why there this thing that stopping me . . Pride? Don’t dare to show my feeling?


  • I beg to differ... What separates a good show from all the mindless rabble that is being fed to society these days are the themes, messages and lessons that it tries to convey. And as always, your jumbled up memory seems to be recalling whatsoever and this and that from who knows where... lol... 'Social norm' was something YOU overheard from a conversation between a guy and a girl while we were walking about in the lobby having recently bought our ticket and were in the midst of making our way back to PS for lunch... That was when I teasingly tested your definition of it... and growing up I saw as the development between the bolt before he was packaged and sent across the country and after... lol

    That's because you're a brick wall, tied down by SOCIAL NORMS AND EXPECTATIONS, worried how this may come across to the other party AND society, afraid of believing in your own beliefs and thoughts, being easily influenced and blinded by what others expect of you, and trying to meet their expectations without a damn care for the other person's thoughts and feelings... You're scared of how the world views you, kai-kun.

    By Anonymous What is there to fear but fear itself?, At 5:26 PM  

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    By Blogger kai/kaispiral, At 6:37 PM  

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