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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Miyazaki Aoi!

gosh in mins back to Gedong! waaAAAAAAA!

anyway finished 2 J-movies over the weekends, Virgin Snow and Tada, Kimi wo Ashiteru; both starring uber-cute Miyazaki Aoi!!!

introducing Miyazaki Aoi!

Decide to catch her works cux had seen her at NANA, which had left me quite deep impression and had heard loads of good comments on her acting skills, but of course the main reason for get me watching is this cutie (no doubt on her acting skills, she know for expressing herself via body language, which explained her limited lines in movie =]

both movies are rather slow-paced revolving round sweet-innocence romance! both shared 1 similarity; Miyazaki Aoi both left the lead actor suddenly just when love begin to spark. . . shall blog more bout the movies when i book out! tata!!

still prefer her cute-blur-innocence role in Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru
watch the trailer!

Takre care
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