桜 & 恋

Monday, November 17, 2008


So I landed myself in 1 of the most wu-luest camp here in mainland Singapore @ Sungei Gedong. Right now I’ll be training in the School of Amour (SOA), or more specifically Amour Infantry Leader Course (AILC). This course will stretch a total of 22weeks!, the longest post-Sispec life, other range from 6-13weeks. So that’s mean a delayed sergeant rank (hopefully I can still get it with my sustain injuries, finger cross-cross)

I should be camp ,right? Cux the staff over there gave us this week to clear our block leave! Most of them had left with 2days since Tekong, but I accumulated 2 extra days for my drill squad team won the first place back at Tekong, thus the ‘gift’.=]. My bunk mates were all giving me a sunken face when I booked up today and 1 even threaten to overturn my bed and stuff. LOL @___@

Thus this whole week I’ll be free! Guess gonna catch up with some friends real soon, but most of them also in camp @__@

Oh yea, and I will get to drive this tank in the midst of course! Looking forward to it. first impression will be fun, but I guess it wouldn’t be that comfortable inside.

I’ll be expecting more field camp, more cleaning of arms (man here in Amour there tons of weapons to maintained, zzzz), more soc , more lecture more theories to memorize, more technical handling test, more this more that @______________________________________________@

Takre care
桜 & 恋

what do u get when u cross a double-edged sword with a clench fist>? (All amour guy will know it)


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