桜 & 恋

Friday, October 31, 2008


Woot today, fire the matador (sub-caliber); and suffered temporary deafness (think 5 secs) from it as I didn’t attached my ear plug properly. There this echoing of sounds lingering within my eardrum for mins before it goes away. Right now I can still felt some pain. . . complacent.

Oh yea just last week received my early Christmas gift from my cousin- The lasted version of ipod nano; an 8gd 1! Is darn sleek la! =]

memory so much also dont know how to use. . . @__@

Feeling tired!

at last had my fri book out, cux for the past 4 wks had been staying back till sat for 'self' studying and 're-testing' as i failed this signal test not once but twice until last wk i just managed to clear it. . . ZZZZZ

Takre care
桜 & 恋

Kai should start swimming tomo!!!



  • wow nice xmas gift. hm.. the signal test is quite easy. u just have to glance sideways more often~!!! ;s

    By Anonymous john, At 8:32 PM  

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