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Saturday, November 08, 2008

choo choo train

Thursday was darn hectic la! SOC test early in the morning and thereafter we head straight for urban operation at some abandon building.

As I’d skipped most of the conditioning training for SOC due to injuries here and there; I wasn’t really prepared for the test but decided to do it anyway. The 600m rundown was alright, then the low wall took me 2 tries to overcome, and as I was heading for the parallel beam, my rifle sling slip la, and the whole darn rifle drop! ZZZZ! Squad down picked it up, readjusted the sling and shake head before cont. then came the monkey bar, I slip @ the point 2 bar before finished, as the bar was kinda wet (drizzle in the morning)! Sergeant scolded me ‘Gei-kiang, for using 1 hand on 1 bar instead of 2 hands on 1) then I repeated the process and cleared it. when came to the low rope I already darn shag, lost momentum from the sudden stop when rifle drop + do the monkey bar twice, so totally gave up after 2 attempts. . . so the rest of the obstacles were done half-heartedly, low morale liao. . . zzzz. 50% of the 600m rundown to finished line was done walking(actually is really shag cux from the lack of conditioning, haiz). Well considering how many SOC conditioning lesson + morning run I’d missed and still did better than those who had gone through all those lessons, was able to console myself . . . LOL

Then siao siao rushed back to company line, bring down stuff and head for urban ops. . spend a night over at the abandon building and I concluded myself that I would rather sleep in the open field with muddy mud, without shelter +creepy crawlies then squeeze in a confined area. . .well at least I slept soundly during field camp, maybe field camp more shag then can sleep well? Maybe. . . cux urban ops was kinda slack and slow…

Oh I realize I had gain a solid 4-5kg since entering sispec! OMG! Spend 8 weeks here, so is like2kg gain/mth!! I guess that load came from post-field camp days when level of physical activities decrease and with my intake of food cont to increase+ skipping of runs due to injuries. . . I tried to do some pull up last week after like 2 weeks never pulled and realize I can only do half of what I usually did! SIAO LIAO LA!!! Last time can SUA SUA say anytime can do at least 8 now 4 also got problem laio, ZZZZ!!!! SEIBEI JIALET.. . Must do some individual OTOT (own time own training) laio. . .

7 weeks just passed like that and next week is graduation parade laio! 28km road march and head straight to parade square! (wonder if my injured knee cap coupled with sprain ankle can take it?) And our staff had passed us out CPL rank laio! =] finally got something sews onto my NO.4 liao!!! =]

Takre care
桜 & 恋

How can said I trying to act blur when I’m really blur? Haiz?

anyway, i randomly heard this familiar song over the net! it is the opening song for Autumn in my heart (my first Korean drama i think!)flashbacks of those scenes immediately came rushing down my brain. . . this song is really powerful/emotional as it managed to immediatly sink into heart and grasp your attention at the very beginning

Autumn In My Heart-Reason - Autumn In My Heart


  • ... Must be all that chocolate you've been eating... lol... Could also be muscle mass though, however... a buffed up kai-kun... hmmm hmmm hmmm...

    But still, regardless... please, please watch yourself, especially with your injuries... I really can't think of anything worse than OOC-ing on the last week... >.<

    By Anonymous From start to end..., At 4:14 PM  

  • TOUCH WOOD TOUCH WOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    By Blogger kai/kaispiral, At 9:00 PM  

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