桜 & 恋

Thursday, September 09, 2010

NIce lady

This morning I met her again, after alighting from bus. We exchanged smiles. The same smile I saw yesterday, radiant and full of compassion.

I tapped my ez-link card; I took it out from my wallet in an attempt to pull through the ‘gantry’ as the bus captain scrutinized me impatiently. It didn't work. I searched my pockets frantically for coins but it didn't add up to the bus fare. The smallest notes I’d is $10. I wouldn't have second thought to drop a 2 dollar notes but $10 is a definitely no. I turned to the nearest passengers and ask for small changes; he flashed out his wallet indicating none. The lady beside too didn't have but she brought out a bag of coins and asked me to pay whatever the amount and returned the rest. ‘THANKS!’

$1 down the chute, I dig the balance from my pocket and dung in. I tied a knot and return her the plastic. Saying ‘THANKS’ again. She said something which I can’t remember.

I make sure I had at least a dollar coins in my pocket that I won’t missed the chance again to return her the coins.

She really did portrayed a good Samaritan.

takre care
桜 & 恋

PS: there is sitll some cash in the card; it just expired, i realize after .



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