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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

leave it to faTe.

Someone who always seem happy maybe the saddest among you. This lady always seem cheerful, always grinning; I thought what a bubbly girl she must be! I was wrong when I chanced into her blog. I didn't know she’s that heartbroken and lonely. I’d always been intuitive enough to pick up little little signs, perhaps she really did masked herself well or rather I didn't know her well enough. Friends, be receptive. Sometime those that seems fine are the one in need.

The irony comes when I wanted to help but couldn't. I don't want misunderstanding like “oh, I’m interested in you and hence talking you round”. I mean I only knew her for days then suddenly shown concern into her personnel life. So I shan’t do anything and hopefully her friends may offer some help. That's the problem of thinking too much with me, sometimes.

Night people.

takre care
桜 & 恋


  • We are all individual, seperate people, kai-kun... whose experiences of our lives and this world are unique and alone... so very alone.

    You will never be able to understand the full extent of the despair, the sadness, anger, jealousy and hatred that plagued me... and perhaps sometimes plague me from time to time... But I cannot expect you to. Only I alone can truly understand how I feel; no matter how close you are to someone, no matter how much time you may spend with him/her, they are still individuals apart from yourself, and only they know what they truly feel. Even I, no matter how hard I try, will not be able to understand you as much as I would like.

    But there is one thing that we can still do though... and I'm proud to say that you've done for me. Sometimes, a little warmth will get us through the night... the knowing that there is someone there for us, who thinks about us and cares for us... you may not know what it is like, fortunate as you are, but for us... for me that have dwelt for so long and been lost for so long in darkness... these little moments of fortune... are precious beyond compare. It is these that give us strength to trudge on in the dark, even if salvation seems yet so far.

    By Anonymous melvin, At 12:26 AM  

  • =]

    By Anonymous kai, At 12:52 AM  

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