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Monday, February 23, 2009

Talyor Swift

Introducing Talyor Swift

Man I feeling in love with this singer-song writer-Talyor Swift. Her style of music is mostly country-influence; so you’ll expecting lots of Banjo, acoustic guitar background in her music.

Most of her songs (if not all) paint a little story , its so heart-felt, pure and original. Her songs are mostly written on a girl’s perspective, that guy listener just had to change the ‘she’ to ‘he’, vice-versa.

Takre care
桜 & 恋

her songs are more suitable to listen to, when u'd nothing better to do, that you can catch every little words of each lyric that a story will just comes out, for me i need to look at the lyric itself. hers is not those when u switch on when doing your works or other stuff. . .

man, my maid jux return to her hometown, that i'd to start washing/mopping/cooking during this 2 days off, YOOOSH!!! =]


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