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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A moment to remember

Ah just finished this heart-wrenching yet warming K-movie titled [A moment to remember].
We all know both Japan and Korean are good at their recycled theme of either lead roles dying from certain diseases that bring the audience to tears. Cliché as it always is, it still never failed to touch our heart.

Unlike other K/J-movie or drama I’d watched revolving round this theme like “autumn in my heart’, ‘Taiyou no Uta’, ‘Koizora’, ‘1L of tears’ and even the America ‘A walk to remember’, this one is different.

1 thing the lead roles suffered worse than parting- Physically they were together but fate just plays a nasty part.

Just when the couple was beginning to enjoying their blissful marriage, the lead actress discovered that she was down with Alzheimer (genetic), which slowly but progressively deleting her memories. Alzheimer, it brings forth mental death before a physical one, soon she will forget where she live, where the convenience store, eventually forgetting the love ones (like I mentioned earlier, physically they were together but he will just be another stranger).
She said ‘Soon I will forget you, lets part when we’re still happy’
‘I be your memory and heart’ he said (so sweet!!!)

Till now, there no other medical means but only pills can slow the degeneration. He tired all means to help her retain her memories, notepads etc but still one day she said I love you XX (her ex-lover name). He grit his teeth, clench his fist and said I love you too before weeping behind the close door; a very tragic scene. Imagine the one you hold dearest looking straight into your eye saying she love someone else. He knows she wasn’t referring to him but still he pretended. ..

It was only moment later, that she suddenly recall her memory with him that she realize what she had just said had really broken his heart. She immediately penned down while her memory still hanging loose, saying she is sorry, that she love him only, that she dint have to remember him as he’s already part of him and decide to leave him for good thinking that’s the best way for him to forget her and to stop bring him grief.

He still managed to find him eventually . . .

The end of the movie finishes off with him replaying the first time they met in the convenience store with all her friends and family in the store (i weep here). He takes her back to the retirement home as they are driving off he finally tells her he loves her (for the first time).
From here it really teaches one thing, even though you may shown how much you love someone, but always treasure the moment to say it before it’s too late. ;i still nvr learn ,@__@, haiz; Its
nearly too late for him though.

Anyway the director is pretty smart with plot too. . .

One part the show, she mentioned ‘I got to know you because I was forgetful (she went back to the convenience store to retrieve her misplaced wallet and met him) and continued saying now I going to forget you because I am forgetful’

Another part is, when she first bring the topic of marriage to him, he replied ‘you are always too confident, life isn’t always that smooth.’ Then subsequently after their marriage, the guy said ‘he going to help her with her regain her memory, try ways to cure her, she replied the same thing, ‘are always too confident, life isn’t always that smooth.’.
There are some nice analogy too, the carpenter analogy (the guy is architect himself) I call it. the guy held this hatred to his mum and would never want to forgive her. The girl mentioned that he had too much room in his room for hatred and said ‘forgiveness is about having just a little room for hatred.’ A true carpenter build his house within, no matter how wonderful on the exterior, he may still shiver inside’.

All in all, this is a movie I really recommend to watch. Can catch it at

Takre care
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Alzheimer is like having a eraser in my brain she said. T__T

A moment to remember OST -
A moment to remember - OST

A moment to remember - Min Seol



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