桜 & 恋

Monday, March 17, 2008

another of those day

Today really zzzzzzzzzzz la!

Checked the weather forecast, and saw many sun icons
throughout the region, I beamed with a sunshine smile, swimming here I come! Guess what? I reached there ON FOOT and saw the entrance closed with a tag stating ‘we are closed for staff gathering, sorry for any inconvenience caused, we’ll reopen on the following day’. . . zzzzzzzzzzzz

then I decided to walk from Toa Payo to Kallang swimming complex instead, but somehow lost my way in the midst that I finally gave up and walk back home zzzzz-ing. I could have had taken a bus to kallang from toa payo but somehow I just being stubborn that I just wanted to walk there on foot. So here I am gazing through the window and saw the sun beaming in awe, and I thought zzzzzzzz miss this splendid weather to swim. Totally lose the enthusiasm to go swim for now.

Right slack for now. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Takre care
桜 & 恋

Anyway, yesterday went for my monthly dental appointment, and the doc. told me to wear only 1 rubber band only on 1 side of my braces as she noticed my row of teeth was shifting to one end and was not centralized.

Then flashback, I thought must be that reason la. cux sometime I eat, one of the rubber band will jolly well came off or snap that only 1 side is with rubber band for the rest of that day thus resulting in 1 side being over pull thus deviate from central~ zzzzzz too



  • ^^^^^^^^ Read above term.

    By Anonymous baka no kai-kun mk4, At 1:55 PM  

  • i still gazing thru the window and sigh, awwwwwwwwn there goes my gigantic sun, LOl

    By Blogger kai/kaispiral, At 2:20 PM  

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