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Thursday, March 20, 2008


I’d no idea why I was so into Chinese songs lately. For some reasons I thought 1 single verse of Chinese words can represent like 1 whole sentence in English. I guess what drawn me towards Chinese song, is their heart-felt lyric. Recently I came across this song ‘洋葱’- which literally means onion. I was so darn impressed at how the lyrist able to associate love with an onion! Totally goes bonker when I read through the lyric


如果你眼神能够为我 片刻的降临
如果你能听到 心碎的声音
沉默的守护著你 沉默的等奇迹
沉默的让自己 像是空气
大家都吃著聊著笑著 今晚多开心
最角落里的我 笑得多合群
盘底的洋葱像我 永远是调味品
偷偷的看著你 偷偷的隐藏著自己
如果你愿意一层一层一层 的剥开我的心
你会发现 你会讶异
你是我 最压抑 最深处的秘密
如果你愿意一层一层一层 的剥开我的心
你会鼻酸 你会流泪
只要你能 听到我 看到我的全心全意
听你说你和你的他们 暧昧的空气
我和我的绝望 装得很风趣
我就像一颗洋葱 永远是配角戏
多希望能与你 有一秒 专属的剧情

Whatever he did, his love was cover under layer and layer on skins like that of an onion. If only she could reveal that layer, she will unravel his love.

Some metaphors that I really like
1) ‘如果你眼神能够为我 片刻的降临’-If only your gaze will be upon me like the falling of onion peels.

2) ‘如果你愿意一层一层一层 的剥开我的心 你会鼻酸 你会流泪’- like the peeling of onion, one will shed tears to that of once she unravel his feeling, she will be touch to tears.

3) ‘我就像一颗洋葱 永远是配角戏’- Onion like me a garnish in a dish play no important role in your life

Takre care
桜 & 恋

Perhaps I realized that Chinese songs are much easier to sing then Jap that I start to like Chinese songs! LOl. i guess this the first Chinese song I posted in my blog!

right so i jux got back from swim and had since pass by the carcass of a black cat. the last time i saw it was 2 days back, and its body still remain untouched. The rotting stench is so strong that i felt like vomiting when i passed. i felt both disgusted and pity for that little thing. I thought what should i do? I even picture myself taking out my tower (after swim) to cover it or sought but in in the end jux lower down my head and hasten my footsteps till i passed that region. walking route has indeed open my eyes to the nature, i witnessed a bare trees now flourish with greenery, i saw a white crane flew by, i saw a humming-bird like bird hanging in the midst of air, i saw 2 butterflies flying in circle as if mating, i saw lots of wonderful thing that i would had missed if i used a transport. But life isnt a bed of roses that i witnessed carcass of a cat~

guess my work is yet again post phone~ aiayayyaya-- guess jux grab watever that is in front and no more waiting?

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